DineroMail Payment For redSHOP

Name:DineroMail Payment For redSHOP

DineroMail implementation for RedShop

Install Instructions:
  1. Make shure you have latest RedShop version
  2. Install it using joomla installer
  3. Configure payment by accessing Components->RedShop "Payment" button
  4. Set Payment Name as you like
  5. Set Published to Yes
  6. Click Save & Close
  7. Get your DineroMail email and merchant ID (Resumen->Numero de cuenta [For merchant number, get rid of the last slash and number] ). Click Here
Additional info for DinermMail Chile users: Because of DineroMail Chile restrictions, you are required to verify your account before you can use any payment method offered by DineroMail. More info here http://www.blogdineromail.com/validacion-de-cuentas-dm-chile/

Release History

    1.5.1: Compatibility fix for RS

    1.5.0: First Release.

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Last updated on: 09/10/2013 15:08
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